Ask away l@wbl@@ds

Jan 18

cholo-chan-deactivated20130610 said: Wow, you'rre rreally such a fuck uq! And a stuqid, uqly bastarrd of a trroll! C:<=

G@ l@@k in a mirr@r s@metime. if y@u think I”M s@ bad i h@pe y@u can bare t@ l@@k y@urself.

And f@r the rec@rd.

I am a sexy bastard

Jan 18

Anonymous said: Mysterious noises are coming from a few rooms over, investigate?

What FUCK N@! Why w@ult i ch@@se t@ walk int@ a dark r@@m when i c@uld s@ easly just ign@re it?

Oct 14
H@me sweet H@me

H@me sweet H@me

Oct 13

Anonymous said: Pssst, hey. Take yer shirt off, it's hot in here.

"Where y@u are maybe.” He shivered and pulled a blanket around his sholders, the cool sea wind blowing in his window.

"I guess i c@uld just m@ve t@ an@ther r@@m, but that w@uld inv@lve m@ving my Huskt@p," He looked around his room at the coiled and tangled cables. "And fuck if i am attempting t@ d@ that.

"Maybe later if y@u stick ar@und th@ugh." He Wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and chuckled to him self.

Oct 12

Anonymous said: UMMMM... Are yoOoO mean toOoO loOoOw BloOoOoOoOds? YoOoOu doOoOn't use roOoOpes oOon them doOoO yoOoO?

After reading the questtion he takes a moment to consider. Obviously troubled. He speaks in a doleful voice.

"Unf@rtunately, my r@pes get far t@ tangled up t@ have much practical use…"

Slumping in his chair, he kicks a massive knot of ropes under his desk, only to tangle his foot up in them. 

Oct 08

euphoniousraconteur said: PHOXIS, dAhLiN, YOU really MUST come VISIT my HIVE and SHARE a CUP of TEA with ME sometime. I am SURE that YOU have QUITE a FEW stories FOR me AND i MAY just LET you BORROW some SPACE travel BOOKS i HAVE. think OVER the OFFER, hon. —Esayne Zyrous

He smiles as he reads Esayne’s letter. 
"Well that d@se s@und quite nice, but i am afrayed i will have t@ decline.
He walks over to his partially demolished window and looks out over the land scape.
The rough mountain slopes away from his house in a drastic and dangerous way. Sharp rocks protrude from the sea almost a mile below.
"Its a little difficult t@ leave, s@ i tend t@ stay in."

Oct 08

Anonymous said: Oh wow. You aare aactuaally kind of aatraactive. Too baad you're kind of aan insuffraable prick. (Oh aand before you caall me lowblood, I'm higher on the hemospectrum thaan you.)

Phoxis makes a sudden start ath the apparent highblood that is speaking to him.
@h well, i c@uld never act as such t@wards y@u Y@urHighbl@@dedness," He steeples his fingers and makes a submissive geusture.
I @nly wish t@ teach the l@wbl@@ds where their place is, that is, bel@w us.
His normal obviously pridefull smile creeps back on to his face as he makes a slight bow.

Oct 05

((OOC: So i kinda want to start RPing Phoxis again, but i don’t have time to draw responses every time, is that cool with you guys if i start doing more text stuff? WOuld anyone be interested in rping with him?))

Aug 17
I mean really, h@w am i sup@se t@ remember when i was a wriggler, that was sweeps ag@!

I mean really,
h@w am i sup@se t@ remember when i was a wriggler,
that was sweeps ag@!

Aug 17

Anonymous said: Someone doesn't get the reference.

Well @bvi@usly, that what i just said!